We're Updating Some Things

The story starts ….

It was a cold and dreary fall afternoon, in 2014, when Dave (not wanting to pull another weed) suggested the idea of growing a giant pumpkin in Arizona.

Now Dean, being equally tired of pulling weeds, was not so sure giant pumpkins could grow in the Arizona desert – but agreed to listen to Dave’s idea.

“Come on! We grew them all the time back in Minnesota.”

Well, tired of growing too many beets and radishes, and too much lettuce and broccoli — not to mention all the other stuff he’d thrown in the ground — Dean said, “Sure, why not.”

And that was the beginning of the Arizona Giant Pumpkin Growers Association.

The Club is made up of gardeners from around Arizona that want to do something more than just grow “normal” vegetables. Growing giant vegetables is like a science project. You learn as you go. You accept that you will fail a lot, then you surprise everyone with a obscenely large vegetable that you’ve spent way too much time with … not to mention money.

Since its humble beginnings, the AZGPG has continued to attract gardeners who like the idea of growing a humongous vegetable — because they can. The Club has exhibited its fruits at the Arizona State Fair, various county fairs, and at AZGPG sponsored events. Each year a few more people join the club and introduce new vegetables to be weighed and measured.

We believe it is important that growers get credit for all of their giant vegetables during the year. Amazingly, not everything matures at the exact time of a planned event. A point of pride, within the Club, is that the AZGPG owns its own certified scales (which are calibrated annually). Therefore, member volunteers load up our scales and drive them to all corners of Arizona to weigh, or measure, a gardener’s giant vegetable. We proudly state “Have Scale, Will Travel”.

We’re now completing our sixth year as a Club. We look back at what we were trying to do and want to reconcile that with what we have become. With each new member we add their gardening interests to our own. To be inclusive of all our members, we have to acknowledge we aren’t just about giant pumpkins anymore. We have giant watermelon growers, giant tomato growers, and a variety of other giant vegetable growers — to include Sunflower growers.

During this past summer, it was decided we needed to update our Association’s name to better reflect what our Club’s mission would be going forward. We are more than just giant pumpkin growers. Therefore, the members have chosen to call our Club the Arizona Giant Vegetable Growers Association (AZGVG). It isn’t much of a change, but it better reflects the interests of our members and Arizona’s gardening community. One thing wasn’t open to change. The logo. Members were adamant that the logo be kept … with one little change in the text.

We’re in the process of converting everything to our new identity — and an updated website is part of that change.

Thanks for your support during the past six years and we look forward to helping you as a member of Arizona’s Giant Vegetable community.

REMEMBER: Update your website’s bookmark to: https://azgvg.com